Anonymous said: Question for Sherlock and John: What is it like for you when you are on other sides of the world and have to Skype and email rather than actually seeing each other?

Watson:  Blimey.  What’s it like?  I’m not sure how to answer that.

Holmes:  It’s rubbish.

Watson:  That’s one way to put it.  We haven’t actually spent all that much time apart.  The longest was what, a fortnight?

Holmes:  Sixteen days.

Watson:  See, I knew you’d know.  I’m surprised you didn’t include the hours and minutes.

Holmes:  You get shirty when I do that.

Watson:  It’s annoying.  But let’s try to stay on the subject, shall we?  Being away from home is just part of the job of an actor.  It’s even harder when your partner is in the business as well.  You can’t possibly coordinate your schedules all the time, but we do try.

Holmes:  It’s new for both of us, as well.  We’ve both been accustomed for most of our careers to considering only our own schedules.  It’s another variable to introduce.

Watson:  Video chats and phone calls and emails can tide you over, but it’s no substitute.  

Holmes:  I think it makes it worse.  I’m inclined to try and put it completely from my mind, at which I am never entirely successful, so hearing John’s voice or seeing him on the computer just reminds me how far away he is and that I’m not with him.

Watson:  I’m quite the opposite.  I’ll take what I can get.  That’s led to a few disagreements.  We’ve had to compromise.

Holmes:  I’ve been told, repeatedly and with emphasis, that compromise of that sort is the key to a successful relationship.

Watson:  Not now, dear.

5 September 2011 ·

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  1. tokyopt said: I’m loving these Q&A, mostly because I usually answer like Sherlock does. lol So his interaction with John is always a delight. *licks screen* :)
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