khorazir said: There have been very persisitent rumours lately that both of you have been cast in the highly anticipated latest Gatiss and Moffat musical "The Sound of Murder". I've even seen a poster floating around the internet, although it might have been fanmade. So, is there any truth to these rumours, and if yes, what made you accept the parts? Are you going to do your own singing?

Watson: …

Holmes: …

Watson:  Sherlock, is there something you’d like to share with me?

Holmes:  I was just about to ask you the same question.

Watson:  Have you been secretly auditioning for movie musicals again?  I thought we talked about that.

Holmes:  Yes, John, I do that after I’m finished with my job moonlighting as an exotic dancer.

Watson:  I’d sooner believe that than I’d believe you were up for a part in a musical.

Holmes:  This is the first I’m hearing of these rumors.  Neither of us have been cast or even contacted, as far as I know.

Watson:  Sherlock has a lovely singing voice, actually.  He wouldn’t be bad in a musical.  I, on the other hand, would clear the theater with the first note.

Holmes:  He’s a hopeless shower-singer.  It’s really quite excruciating.

Watson:  Oh, bugger off!  You don’t hear me complaining about your horrible violin-scratchings, do you?

Holmes:  On the contrary, I hear you complaining about them this very moment.

Watson:  Apart from now, I mean.  It’s worse because he plays so beautifully when he decides to.  It’s really quite — inspiring.

Holmes:  Why do you think I refrain?  I play when I need to think, and if I play nicely you find it too inspiring and I suddenly discover that I’m otherwise occupied.

Watson:  I don’t hear you complaining.

Holmes:  On the contrary, you hear me complaining right now!

4 September 2011 ·

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