Anonymous said: For John and Sherlock: When people are asked "if you could go back, would you do anything differently," they usually say no, because who knows how things would have turned out otherwise. But if it were magically guaranteed that things would work out just as they have for both of you: looking back, is there anything you would do differently if given the chance to do things over? I mean about To a Stranger, or your relationship, or anything at all.

Holmes:  If it were guaranteed that everything would be the same, what would be the point of doing things over?

Watson:  That’s not what she meant, Sherlock.

Holmes:  Then what did she mean?

Watson:  She meant…oh, hang it.  I’ll answer.  The one thing I might change is that I’d have had more guts on that last day of filming, and told Sherlock how I felt about him then.  We’d still have had to spend some months apart, but at least we wouldn’t have spent them in agonizing suspense.

Holmes:  Amazingly, I agree.  At the time, however, we were both conscious of being too hasty.  We didn’t trust ourselves.

Watson:  We should have.  Neither of us are prone to short-lived on-set romances.  We should have known that it wasn’t temporary, that what we were feeling wasn’t just the result of proximity and emotions running high during the shoot.

Holmes:  I might be reconsidering my answer, John.  That moment when you came to my dressing room was very nearly worth the wait.

Watson:  It was, wasn’t it?  All right, if not that, what would you change?

Holmes:  I’d have worn different shoes to the Variety screening.

Watson:  Oh God, not this again.

Holmes:  The ones I wore were entirely unsuitable.  I can’t believe I left the house like that.

Watson:  They were fine!

Holmes:  They were black, John!  With a gray jacket?

Watson:  It’s a wonder you can sleep at night, with all your regrets and your fashion mistakes.

Holmes:  Indeed it is.  I’m glad you understand.

4 September 2011 ·

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