Anonymous said: Did you lose friends in Hollywood when you decided to go public as a couple?

Watson:  Real friends, no.  Fake friends, I’m sure we did.

Holmes:  It is sometimes difficult in Hollywood to know who is your friend and who isn’t.

Watson:  Only sometimes?

Holmes:  Political correctness creates a false dichotomy.  Many fear for their own careers and images, so none dare speak out against us publicly because it would be considered bad press to do so.  Yet there are plenty who disapprove and even felt threatened by us.

Watson:  It hasn’t always been easy.  But there’s been enough genuine support to make it bearable.  And of course, we have each other, which is more than a lot of people can say.

Holmes:  As far as knowing who one’s friends really are, to be quite frank, I trust no one but John.

Watson:  You shouldn’t.  I’d sell you out for a pint of ice cream.

Holmes:  I hope you’d at least hold out for one of the more expensive varieties.

Watson:  Naturally.

4 September 2011 ·

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