Anonymous said: (For John & Sherlock) What have the reactions been like from your friends and family regarding your relationship?

Watson: You take this one.

Holmes: John…

Watson: I…I can’t.

Holmes: I think the predominant reaction among my own acquaintance was surprise. Not that I was with a man but that anyone at all could tolerate me long enough to pursue a relationship.

Watson: That’s ridiculous.

Holmes: I may be exaggerating a little. I have just my brother for family. He is glad that I am happy, he doesn’t care who I am happy with, as long as they aren’t stupid.

Watson: My friends have been very supportive. I can’t say that some of them weren’t surprised. But it’s as Sherlock said. It’s less surprise that I’m with a man and more surprise that it’s Sherlock. As for my family…well, my siblings are glad I’m happy. My parents are a work in progress. They didn’t take it well at first. They’re still not thrilled, my father more so than my mother. I think they’ll come around. It would have been easier had we not gone public. But now my father sees me on magazine covers and on telly with Sherlock and it’s like having it thrown in his face every time, and it isn’t like he can hide it from his mates down the pub.

Holmes: John, I’m…

Watson: No, stop. I can’t hear you say you’re sorry one more bloody time. It isn’t your fault, or mine. And don’t get that look. You are absolutely worth it.

Holmes: I have to work hard to believe that.

Watson: If you weren’t, I wouldn’t be with you. Full stop.

1 September 2011 ·

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