obstinatecondolement said: Are you worried about being typecast as gay characters?

Holmes: No.

Watson: No? You told me you were!

Holmes: I believe what I said was that I feared being typecast, full stop. Being typecast as a gay character is a subset of that circumstance.

Watson: You see what I have to live with?

Holmes: No actor wishes to be typecast.

Watson: I was typecast for the bulk of my career. Honestly, the idea of breaking out of that box, even if it is to swap out one typecasting for another, seems like an improvement.

Holmes: The notion of typecasting is in itself a bit of an arbitrary construct. All of us experience a certain degree of typecasting just based on who we are as people and actors. No one would cast me as a football coach, for example, based solely on my demeanor and manner as an actor. I am capable of altering that demeanor. Were I to be cast as a football coach, I have every confidence that I could adapt myself to portray the role convincingly.

Watson: This must happen. Immediately. Attention please, casting directors.

Holmes: The point I’m making is that such a role would likely never be offered to me. Just as it’s unlikely John would be offered a role as a professional basketball player.

Watson: Unless I was one of those plucky underdog sorts in a Disney film. You know, succeeding against the odds. Like Rudy.

Holmes: John, aren’t you enough of a plucky underdog succeeding against the odds in reality?

Watson: You’re right! Where’s my slow clap? I think I’ve earned my slow clap.

Holmes: I will give you a slow clap whenever you like.

Watson: I think we’re getting into a bit of a dodgy area here.

31 August 2011 ·

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