Anonymous said: Where do you two consider "home" to be?

Holmes: Oh, dear.

Watson: What?

Holmes: John, this is a blatant ploy to elicit a treacly sentiment from us. It’s my cue to say something like “Home is wherever John is” and look at you with hearts in my eyes.

Watson: …

Holmes: You’re thinking about “hearts in my eyes” literally, aren’t you?

Watson: Yes. It’s very disturbing.

Holmes: I have no doubt.

Watson: Shall we give this question an actual answer?

Holmes: Oh, I suppose. We spend the most time in Los Angeles at your house.

Watson: I think it’s our house by now.

Holmes: I keep a flat in London. We’re there a goodish amount of time.

Watson: We have been discussing selling my house and buying or building a new one on L.A., one that would be more our home together, rather than mine which you moved into.

Holmes: This hasn’t made it past the discussion phase.

Watson: Frankly, I rather dread the arguments we’d inevitably have about where to buy and what sort of house to get.

Holmes: Yes, because we never argue now, over such things as who borrowed my favorite tie and got wine on it.

Watson: Or who threw away my autographed Hitchcock script!

Holmes: Yes. Such arguments never occur in our happy bungalow of domestic bliss.

Watson. No, never.

31 August 2011 ·

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