Anonymous said: Describe the average Sunday chez Jerlock.

Watson:  Jerlock?  Jerlock?

Holmes:  John…

Watson:  No, I told you they’d start using that term if it got out!  ARGH!

Holmes:  Look on the bright side.  They could be calling us “Hotson.”

Watson:  …

Holmes:  See, it can always be…

Watson:  I sort of like that one, actually.  Hotson.  Hmm, yes.  Because we’re hot, son.

Holmes:  Oh, dear Lord.

Watson:  But back to the question.  An average Sunday chez Hotson.  Not sure there is such a thing.  An average Sunday, that is to say.

Holmes:  It isn’t uncommon for one or both of us to work on Sundays.  Interviews or meetings or things of that nature.

Watson:  But if we’re not working, Sundays tend to be the Days of Random Puttering.  Do things around the house, watch that film that’s been on the DVR for three weeks, purge a closet, re-hang that picture that fell down, and the like.

Holmes:  Usually after a long lie-in, though.  

Watson:  Lie-in with laptops.

Holmes:  Oh, John.  You make it all sound so sexy.

Watson:  Shut up, smart-arse.

25 August 2011 ·

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