nijimei said: What do you two hope audiences take away or learn from To A Stranger?

Watson: I’d hope that people would take away the fact that the story of humanity is the story of both gay and straight people, and everyone in between. There is no “gay agenda,” there are just people making their way through life, like everyone else.

Holmes: I beg your pardon. I definitely have a gay agenda.

Watson: Oh, really?

Holmes: Item number one on today’s gay agenda is to email my agent.

Watson: I need to pick up my dry cleaning.

Holmes: We’re out of milk.

Watson: Hang on a mo, let me just add that to the gay agenda.

[in which “Performance” John and Sherlock Answer Your Questions. Submit yours to the Askbox, click the tag for previous questions and answers.]

22 August 2011 ·

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