shiverelectric said: If you could change anything about the other, what would it be? And what about the other would you never change?

Watson:  Oh God.  Are you serious?  

Holmes:  I believe that’s what’s referred to as a “loaded question.”

Watson:  I would make him shorter.

Holmes:  Shorter?

Watson:  It is completely unnecessary for you to be so bloody tall.

Holmes:  I am not excessively tall.  I’m just over six feet.

Watson:  Tall enough.

Holmes:  In that case, I would make you taller.

Watson:  Hey!

Holmes:  Actually…no, that’s incorrect.  I wouldn’t want you to be taller.

Watson:  Let’s declare any and all physical characteristics out of bounds.

Holmes:  Because changes to our personality are somehow less disconcerting?  At least our physical forms are more or less the result of genetics.

Watson:  If I could change one thing, it would be that you’d have a better relationship with your family.  It makes me sad that you don’t.  And one thing that I would never change is…well, whatever wires that got crossed in your head and made you think that being with me was a good idea.

Holmes:  If I could change one thing it would be that you would never again make a self-deprecating comment like the one you just made.  And I would never change…(sighs).  Your hair.

Watson:  My hair?

Holmes:  What shall I say instead, John?  That I’d never change anything about you?  Because that’s the truth.  But that sounds too  much like a greeting card so I shall say that I’d never change your hair and be done with it.

Watson:  …

Holmes:  What?  Why are you staring at my hair?

Watson:  Have you ever thought of going ginger?  It’d look good on you.

Holmes:  Next question, please.

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21 August 2011 ·

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