Anonymous said: @PiaLR!John&Sherlock - Many a-list Hollywood actors are Brits who work and live cross-continentally. What are your feelings about America? Do you find you prefer time in one place or the other?

Watson:  Neither of us are very fond of LA, but we have to spend most of our time there.  Fortunately we both love our house, so it’s a haven for us.  We don’t have a home that we share in London, just Sherlock’s flat, so when we’re there it can feel a bit cramped even though we love the city.

Holmes:  I agree about LA.  I’ve enjoyed other parts of America.  We’ve talked about getting a place in New York but it just isn’t practical.

Watson:  I don’t know if you could live without American coffee for too long these days, anyway.

Holmes:  Quiet, John.  They’ll revoke my UK citizenship.

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21 August 2011 ·

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