Anonymous said: Do you think that Hollywood is hypocritical in its treatment of homosexuality as a topic? For example, films like Brokeback Mountain, and indeed To a Stranger, are lauded as excellent, but gay actors are often forced to remain in the closet. Why do you think this is?

Holmes and Watson:  Money.

Watson:  Ha!  Jinx.

Holmes:  Individuals in Hollywood have their own sets of priorities, moral, ethical, practical, financial, pick your motive.  But Hollywood as an entity has only one: money.

Watson:  Sherlock and I and every other actor might be motivated by a desire to do good artistic work, as are many writers, directors, musicians and the like, but the people who write the checks only care about whether or not the product we create can be sold for a profit.  It’s a bizarre juxtaposition of creativity and ruthless profiteering that has some unfortunate consequences.

Holmes:  The celluloid closet being one of them.  Believe me, if it could be shown that an actor’s private sexual orientation were of no consequence to a film’s box office returns, actors could be as out or closeted as they wished.  But their public status impacts their marketability and the sorts of roles they can take.

Watson:  One hopes that things can change.  Sherlock and I are doing all right so far.  We’ll see if that continues.

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20 August 2011 ·

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