alexthechick said: Performance interview question: What is your response to being the new Brangelina?

Holmes: Brangewhat now?

Watson: Brad and Angelina, sweetheart.

Holmes: Who comes up with this nonsense? Do they have some ridiculous portmanteau name for us, too?

Watson: Happily, none of our names mesh effectively, so no. What would they call us? Jerlock? Oh god, don’t print that, they’ll start using it.

Holmes: Jerlock. Sounds like an antique firearm.

Watson: Oh yes, I have a genuine mint-condition Jerlock muzzle-loading rifle in my collection.

Holmes: It jams up appallingly, but it’s very accurate.

Watson: I once used it to kill a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

Holmes: John, let’s us behave. We’re driving this poor interviewer to drink.

Watson: What was the question?

Holmes: Something about Brangelina.

Watson: Oh, right. I don’t think we’re the new Brangelina. Anyway, do we need a new one? What’s wrong with the old one? They’re lovely people. She’s a bit scary but he’s nice as can be.

Holmes: If anything we’re the new Paul and Joanne. Give or take forty years.

Watson: Oh, someone sure thinks well of himself.

Holmes: I’ve always thought you had a Paul Newman quality.

Watson: I do make a lovely pasta sauce.

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19 August 2011 ·

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