maskedfangirl said: If I were that interviewer, I think I'd ask something like "So, the director made an unusual choice, shooting nearly the entire film in chronological order. What was that process like for the two of you, getting to know your characters and each other in the same order? How would you compare it to the way you usually film?"

Holmes:  I have had other directors make the same choice, within the bounds of practicality, and I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we preferred it.

Watson:  It’s always a challenge to jump from one point in a character’s arc through the film to another, sometimes in the same day.  In this film, Sherlock and I experienced the growth of Mark and Benjamin’s relationship organically, as it would occur in real life, and in some ways it mirrored our own relationship as we became friends offscreen.  We didn’t know each other when we did our first screen test, and Ang rehearsed us separately so that we’d be all but strangers when we started filming.  Just like the characters.

Holmes:  John did make some friendly overtures before filming started, because he is a friendly sort of person.  I cannot make the same claim and I’m afraid I was bloody rude about it.

Watson:  No ruder than I expected.  I was amazed you showed up at all, even if it was just to tell me that you were leaving.

Holmes:  At least I didn’t stick you with the check.

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18 August 2011 ·

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