madamepens said: Sherlock and John: What do you two feel is the most important thing about "To a Stranger" being made?

Watson:  I loved that it was a film centering on a gay relationship that treated it the same as it would a straight relationship.  It showed that there is no “gay experience” or “straight experience,” just the “human experience.”  The things that gay people value, the things they go through, are no more or less valid and are often the same as the things straight people go through.

Holmes:  The most important thing.  Hmm.  Perhaps it’s not terribly correct of me to say, but to me, the content of the film is less important than the fact that it gave John a chance to rediscover himself as an actor, and for the world to see what he’s really capable of.  

Watson:  Sherlock.  I’m touched.

Holmes:  The world would have continued to turn much as it has always done if the film had never been made, John.  But my world was materially altered by your presence in the film.  So while the political or societal impact isn’t negligible, the most important thing to me is that you were in it.

Watson:  I…I think I might have a bit of a cry.

Holmes:  Oh, shush.  Pay no attention to him, he’s winding you up.  He finds it amusing to overreact when I express an emotional sentiment, as if such a thing were a rarity on a par with Halley’s Comet.

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18 August 2011 ·

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