gingermous said: Do you think that society is modernizing in terms of accepting the changing gender roles of man and woman ( meaning a man can be seen as effeminate, and a woman as masculine and not be ridiculed as gay or strange), or is it something else?

Watson:  I think that no part of culture is more invested in maintaining and perpetuating gender roles than film culture.

Holmes:  Disagree.

Watson:  What a surprise.

Holmes:  I would say that there is no sector more dedicated to perpetuating and exploiting gender stereotypes than advertising.

Watson:  Yeah, I’ll give you that one.

Holmes:  You and I aren’t the best people to ask, though.

Watson:  Why not?  What’s wrong with us?

Holmes:  Not a thing.  But we’re British, which in Hollywood-driven gender culture means we automatically lose a few macho points off the top.

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18 August 2011 ·

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