akaalexia-deactivated20140324 said: Here to help.."Sherlock, what was it like working with John Watson considering his film history. Is the hype true" (only add the last part if you want to add angst if not just cut off at consider)

Holmes: I came into the project with some preconceived notions John is aware of this, he’d not claim that my preconceptions had no basis.

Watson: Unfortunately, no, I would not.

Holmes: Happily, those notions were soon proved baseless. I enjoy the unexpected, and it was unexpected to discover that my co-star was possessed of a frankly intimidating amount of talent.

Watson: Sherlock, I’m blushing.

Holmes: Well, stop it, an objective fact is no cause for embarrassment.

Watson: Anyway, you’re biased.

Holmes: I beg your pardon, I most certainly am not. Or at the very least I was not when I made this discovery. So to answer your question, the “hype,” as you call it, is absolutely true. I’m rather eager for the viewing public to discover just how true it is.

18 August 2011 ·

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