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So in the past few days, I have read two long stories that have literally kept me up at night because I COULD NOT stop reading them.

The first was The Best of Times, a post-Reichenbach story about John convalescing at Mycroft’s Scotland estate after a bar brawl and meeting a mysterious person, and about Sherlock’s eventual return.  The author used a trope I don’t generally care for (the “never mentioned third Holmes brother” trope) but does it so well I didn’t care.  There are two huge plot twists, the second of which I saw coming but it was so well-executed that it didn’t matter.  There’s also a fantastic Rashomon quality to the way the story of a 17-year-old mystery evolves as John gets stories from different people.

The second fic was The Ice-man Cometh, a post-Return fic that finds Sherlock off to Monte Carlo to investigate a case for Victor Trevor.  It’s a testament to the writing here that John is more or less not in the story at all until halfway through and I was still riveted.  This one’s got more twists and turns than a corn maze.

The kicker?  Both of these fics were written by the same person, Polyphony, and I have no earthly idea how it took me this long to discover her (playing the odds on the gender there).  Best of Times was just posted last week but Iceman Cometh started last fall and she’s got other fics from a year ago.

I’ll be spending my spare time reading everything else she’s written, oh yes indeedy.

6 February 2013 ·

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