A little word about the writing thing.

So I mentioned last night that I’m hard at work on the Performance wedding fic but I don’t want to be premature about this…it’s nowhere near ready, although I’m starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.  But then there’s beta, and I’m going to be cutting some stuff, and yeah.  So don’t be looking for it real soon.

After I finish it I might actually take a crack at that So You Think You Can Dance AU.  I’m also working on my prize fic for the person who won me in the FYJLFF giveaway which I am woefully late in delivering.

29 January 2013 ·

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  1. therandomnesslover said: Take you time, lovely. If there’s one thing we Sherlockians know how to do is wait
  2. jaradel said: Yaay!
  3. gardnerhill said: Take your time. Do what you’ve got to do. As a fan of PialR I’m on tenterhooks - but as a writer myself I understand completely!
  4. ununpentium said: Aww yay thanks for letting us know!
  5. littleruu32 reblogged this from madlori and added:
    Performance wedding. PERFORMANCE WEDDING!!!! 我從來沒想過我還能活著看到這個續篇….
  6. hidebehindmysunshine said: Thanks for keeping us updated!! :) I’m just really excited that you’re even writing it. Us sherlockians are pretty patient~
  7. jennybel75 said: Ooh, wedding fic and a sytycd fic? *dies from perfection*

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