Weather Advisory for the Sherlock fandom


Photos that were taken of Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington’s children with Benedict Cumberbatch are resurfacing again. The Baker Street Babes have posted a detailed description of how to get the unsolicited photos taken down on tumblr. 

Please make sure that you do not reblog the photo since Martin and Amanda both want their children out of the public eye. 

If we all take the time to respect Martin and Amanda’s wishes then it’s smooth sailing from here!

I’d like to add a bit of a PSA to this as well.  I’ve seen people scoff at Martin and Amanda requesting that photos of their children not be circulated, because hey, they’ve taken them to red carpets, where do they get off?

Martin and Amanda have never taken their children to red carpets.  Or any other public event.  If you see a photo of him with kids on a red-carpet, it’s likely the kids who co-starred with him in “Nativity!”.  They have never allowed their kids to be photographed, interviewed or present in any way, even when the media was allowed into their home.  

The photos that tend to circulate, that should not circulate, were taken on North Gower Street during the filming of series 2.

Please respect their wishes.

(Source: doomedteen)

14 January 2013 ·

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