samati said: John and Sherlock: What would you have done if coming out as a couple had not been taken so well?

Holmes:  I’m not sure one could characterize the reaction to our unmasking as “taken so well.”

Watson:  Come on, Sherlock, it could have been so much worse.

Holmes:  The fact that it could have been worse does not excuse some of the reactions we did encounter.

Watson:  What would we have done?  Dealt with it, I suppose.

Holmes:  I had a plan.

Watson:  You had a plan?

Holmes:  A brilliant plan.

Watson:  Why am I just now hearing about this brilliant plan?

Holmes:  I never had the need to implement it.

Watson:  Can you hear that little edge of disappointment in his voice?  That he never got to show off his brilliant plan?  Come on, astonish us.

Holmes:  No.

Watson:  Don’t be a git.

Holmes:  No, I’m not telling you now.

Watson:  Fine, I don’t care, anyway.

Holmes:  All I’ll say is that it involved telemark skiing.

Watson:  You don’t ski.

Holmes:  I could ski. 

Watson:  You don’t, though.

Holmes:  Telemark skiing, the Staten Island Ferry and a bottle of single-malt Scotch.  Just a few of the elements of my brilliant plan.

Watson:  You are just making this up now.

Holmes:  I am offended that you doubt the existence of my plan.

Watson:  Go stand in the corner and face the wall.

18 November 2011 ·

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