linderel said: Performance!Sherlock&John: What sort of films do you typically watch? Any favourites of the kind that can take dozens of viewings and not get boring?

Watson: I have always been quite mad for Bond films. I love the stuff, as ridiculous as it gets.

Holmes: [wearily] Even “Moonraker.”

Watson: Oh, especially “Moonraker.” I rather think Sherlock would make a brilliant Bond, don’t you?

Holmes: Don’t be daft. Bond has to be suave and muscular and ready for action.

Watson: What, and you think you are not those things? Because you are.

Holmes: I suppose you’d want to be my Bond girl.

Watson: [snorts] Yes, nobody at all would cry foul if James Bond came over all gay, Sherlock. Your turn.

Holmes: I like foreign films, mostly. I’m particularly fond of mid-century French cinema, and of course the Swedish films…of the…John, what’s the matter with you?

Watson: [laughing] You are such a clot, you know that?

Holmes: I beg your pardon.

Watson: Don’t you believe him. Oh, he likes foreign films well enough, but when he sits down to watch something for fun he always goes right for the slasher films. The gorier, the better. If there’s a group of clueless twentysomethings in a cabin somewhere with a killer on the loose, he’s all over it.

Holmes: Don’t be ridiculous. I watch those films for…for…

Watson: If you’re going to try for some daft, intellectual rationalization as to why you like cheesy slasher films, I can’t wait to hear it.

Holmes: I also love Hitchcock!

Watson: You do, indeed. But given a choice, you’ll go for “Prom Night” every time.

21 September 2011 ·

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  1. feelingflamesagain said: Gaah! Sherlock watching slasher movies! In a weird way, that makes absolute sense. *snickers*
  2. tinseltowncloud said: LMAO! :)
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