You love the Norwegian Sherlock parodies, yes? And you adore Vidar Magnussen, the man who plays Sherlock in them?

Then you ought not to love this video of him and fellow performer trying to perform as they eat progressively hotter peppers. You can see they’re clearly in pain but my god I laughed until I kind of hurt. (It starts at 1:40)

Okay this was pretty hilarious.  It is in Norwegian, natch, but it doesn’t even matter.

23 April 2014 ·

I laughed so hard at this I for reals almost puked.
Still kinda can’t breathe.

I laughed so hard at this I for reals almost puked.

Still kinda can’t breathe.

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23 April 2014 ·

Charleston is gorgeous. I grew up there and went to the College of Charleston. Fort Sumter is quite cool, should you ever get there. :) So is Fort Moultrie, which may be a state park, not national, but it’s important to Rev War history.

the general trend for NPS sites is that the eastern US has a ton of National Monuments, National Historic Sites, National Battlefields and Military Parks, etc, because that’s where all the Rev/Civil War history is, whereas the western US has all the National Parks because that’s where the big parcels of land were and where all the awesome-looking nature is.

22 April 2014 ·

221bgallifreyway asked: I just wanted to pop by and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. You are, of course, a fabulous writer and I've enjoyed everything of yours that I have read. Even though I cried for hours after AOTW. But you also seem so kind and smart and funny. I wish that you were my cool aunt. (I hope that isn't weird.) (Also you're from WI which is the bomb cause I'm from there too and I miss it!) Ok, fangirl out.

Thank you so much!  I really appreciate that. 

And Wisconsin in the bomb for sure.  Uff da!

22 April 2014 ·

Fort Sumter in Charleston is the smallest. When you go, let me know so I can tell you where to eat:)

Fort Sumter isn’t a National Park, it’s a National Monument.  Which means I’d still be delighted to visit it if I were in the area, but I wouldn’t make a special trip.  But I’d like to visit Charleston anyway!

22 April 2014 ·

Anonymous asked: Was surprised that you live in Cleveland. I live in southern Kentucky so we're like state neighbors. :) I haven't been to your area of Ohio in several years but I remember it semi-fondly and know some people from the convention circuit who live up there. So, yeah. IDK I just wanted to message you really to say hi because I had no idea you lived so close (from a cosmic perspective).

Wee correction; I live in Columbus, so I’m even closer!  I’ve had some vacations at Natural Bridge State Park in your fair state.

22 April 2014 ·

On my National Parks life goal

Mind if I babble about my NPS nerdery?  Cool.

As I said, one of my life goals is to visit all 59 National Parks.  When I tell people this, they’re surprised that there are only 59.

The National Park Service operates 401 units in the United States and its territories.  These include national monuments, national historic sites, national battlefield parks, national forests and rivers, and other sorts of sites.  Of these, the jewels in the crown are the 59 National Parks.  Many places people think of as being national parks are actually not.  Mount Rushmore isn’t - it’s a National Monument.  Sometimes a pre-existing NPS site will get the big upgrade to a National Park - Pinnacles recreation area in California got the upgrade to NP a couple of years ago and became the 59th park.

My goal of visiting all 59 is pretty ambitious, since I’m already 40 and I’ve been to exactly four (Olympic, Grand Canyon, Cuyahoga Valley and Great Smoky Mountain). 

The problem is that there are only a few that I can get to without either a long road trip or a plane ticket: Cuyahoga Valley, Mammoth Cave (in Kentucky), Shenandoah, and Great Smoky.  At a stretch you could add Acadia, in Maine.

Eight of the national parks are in Alaska.  Two are in Hawaii.  One’s in American Samoa, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  I’m thinking it’ll take me awhile to check that one off.

But if I do my road trip to the Black Hills this fall, I can knock off three.  One trip to southeastern Utah could get me five or six.


But some of the parks I don’t want to visit for one day.  Yellowstone needs at least a week by itself.  Argh.

22 April 2014 ·

Anonymous asked: I just had a root canal, and afterwards went researching about it. And apparently going to the dentist in America is prohibitively expensive? Even for things like taking out a tooth? I paid the equivalent of US $230, including medicines, two visits to the dentist, and three visits to the endodontist. And that's not the public (government) health service, but a free-market-choose-your-own dentist.

I confess I’m not the most knowledgeable about this, as I have dental insurance through my employer.  When I had a wisdom tooth removed my out-of-pocket was about $75, and my cleanings are paid for.

I don’t think checkups and cleanings are SUPER expensive, but procedures like crowns or orthodonture or root canals can run into several thousand dollars.  I think.

22 April 2014 ·

ladymac111 asked: I think the condiment that America desperately needs is curry ketchup like you can get at every Imbißstube in Berlin.

That sound awesoooooooome.  My favorite non-US condiment is HP Sauce, which I can get at Jungle Jim’s.  I love it.

22 April 2014 ·

imtooticky asked: I'm 'Murrican, but can't stop wondering why, oh why, we don't have the fantastic hot dogs and otherworldly mustards and mayonnaise sauces that were sold from carts on every corner of Reykjavik. Why do the Icelandic people get better hot dog foodstuffs?? Is there any corner of our land where you can find an Icelandic-like hot dog vendor?

I don’t know but I wish there was!  There is quite an awesome hot dog restaurant here in Columbus and another pretty famous one up in Cleveland.

22 April 2014 ·

Anonymous asked: since you like both brokeback and sherlock, have you ever considered writing a crossover/sherlock brokeback!au? or have you read one?

I have not!  But I swear I saw a fanart like that one time.  Of course I don’t have a handy link.

22 April 2014 ·

Anonymous asked: Hello Lori. I was a bit surprised (and happy) that you are a midwesterner. Have you ever been to California? i am a Californian and I would love to meet you some day :)

I have actually never been to California.  I’ve been lots of other places!  But my traveling to California someday is more or less a given since one of my life goals is to get to all 59 National Parks, and quite a number are in California.

22 April 2014 ·

Anonymous asked: Today I saw someone who looked just like you and I was like whoa that's totally Lori! And then I realized that I live in Texas and even if you were here I somehow doubt you'd be doing homework in a community college library.

I was definitely not in Texas today, sorry!  They say we all have a doppelganger.

22 April 2014 ·

Anonymous asked: The on/by accident thing is actually more generational than regional. It presumably comes from trying to create a parallel phrasing with "on purpose," and it's much more frequently used by people under about 25 or 30. (I used to teach high school, and I researched this a little when I noticed it becoming more common among my students.)

Interesting!  Thanks for the info.  It’s been the subject of much comment on the old blog tonight.

22 April 2014 ·


still watchin’ supernatural.

this benny guy is boring as shit.  you can’t have a vampire boyfriend, dean, that’s been done and you’ve already got an angel boyfriend.  idgaf about sam’s sepia-toned memories of life with amelia and doge.

i miss bela.  i miss sheriff jodie.  i miss meg.  more of them, please,  and more kevin while you’re at it.  also kevin’s mom, she needs her own fucking show.  also more garth.  always more garth.

all the garth that exists is the amount of garth that i want.

but the cartoon-physics episode was golden.  can cas be a hunter with them all the time, plzkthx?

22 April 2014 ·

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